"The Learn German With Songs course was a great experience for many reasons:


You get more in touch with the German culture by having the chance to discover traditional and modern songs from very famous and known German artists.


You can easily improve your pronunciation by listening to the songs over and over, trying to sing them together with the rest of the class.


Karima supports the singing with some important time dedicated to the grammar and rules, we translated each song and enriched our vocabulary with many new words.


Singing is one of the best way to let a new language flow smoothly in your head without too many obstacles,


This was definitely one of the most effective courses I have ever done."



"It's also a joyful way to start studying German.


The songs are still in my mind. : ) "



"It was not only a great German course that provides fundamental basics of German language and insights to German culture, but as well an unforgettable experience.


May singing not make you afraid of it! I, for example, sing ,as we say it in Russia, 'like a bear stepped on my ear'.


This course is not about your singing skills, but about a new innovative approach that gives you an effective tool to study any language.


And believe me singing German songs makes it so much fun!


Karima is an amazing and charismatic teacher that will make you love the German language and show you the right way to learn it."




"Karima has developed a very well organized German course that will start from the right pronunciation, will teach you the basic of the German language and will give you immediately the possibility to practice German language singing and having fun.


I really suggest you everyone who want to learn German to participate at this course.


P.S. I was impressed from the commitment of Karima to teach the theory."



"When I first learnt about this course, I immediately was interested and wanted to join since it was a novel concept and I wanted to be a part of it. And I can say with certainty, I made the right decision.


Even though I already had been in Germany since a few months and knew a little bit German, I learnt a lot in this course, starting from the basics itself. It was an interesting concept, making it much more fun to learn a new language, especially language like German which is supposed to be relatively harder than a few others.


Singing songs in the course was an icing on the cake. Overall, I would say that it was really fun and I would recommend this course to everyone else. :)"




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